If you have a snake that you need taken care of, Steve is your guy! Very knowledgeable and can help at all times of the day.

Savannah Webb

If you have a snake "problem" then Steven is the right guy for the job. He is very professional and knowledgeable.

Deborah Hinton

Steve knows what he is doing! Very educated on snakes!

Kristen Young

Thanks to Steve's Snaketuary for visiting us at the Boys & Girls Club of Big Pines Waskom. The kids enjoyed it and the presentation was very informal and educational.

Lorenza TexasPreacher Thomas

Steve talked with our classes about snakes and how to take care of them. Very informative. Kids loved it!

Eric Kelly McFarland

Great guy and excellent service!! Thanks for getting the snake out of my wall!!

Kathie Evans Dunn

I love what yall do! it was great seeing yall at reception and the farmers market today! the hot sauce is so amazing.

Krystle Stacey

He's very friendly, very knowledgeable and very prompt calling us back.

Laura DeMann

Who ever finds a snake call this guy !!!
I sure did !!!
Thank you

Tracey Moore Presley

My daughter asked for snakes for her birthday and Steve made my daughter's year with the experience at Snaketuary! Cannot recommend Snaketuary enough! Thanks Steve!

Plus she loved his entire line of hot sauce, including the hottest named anti-venom. We ate at Whataburger shortly after. She said the food tasted a lot better because she could still taste his sauce. Lol.

Cheryl Koskie